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2019.04.19 20:49


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Ilboard is a community site that guarantees freedom.

It is operated using Rhymix

Anyone can sign up for free, except for spam / pornography.

Ilboard is the name that combines the ‘Il’ of Ilbe with the ‘board’ of the American music magazine Billboard.

Ilboard supports all users who freely create and combine various contents to create new things.

Operation Direction

Ilboard is an Internet ecosystem where users and management respect each other’s rights and responsibilities, the world where anyone can voice their voice,

Ilgay, the students, and the disabled all want to create a future where they can communicate with each other.

I would like to take the lead in contributing to the content production capabilities of Ilbe members and to defend and restore the community ecosystem in crisis in 2019.

To do that, you need to be more free and comfortable than any other community.

  • Community that is easy to use even for the first time

  • Community that is actively using the latest technology, fast and secure

  • Communication between operator and member via bulletin board and e-mail

Operations and Development Participation

Unfortunately, we are not currently seeking operators or developers.

If you have found a security vulnerability, please let us know at

webmaster@ilboard.net so that we can make a patch before it is exploited.

[출처] About Ilboard
[링크] https://ilboard.net/about/104536

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